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Where our story begins

Growing up my mother was a nursery school teacher, and one summer another teacher was going on vacation and we were tasked to watch Crystal an albino ferret, mom wasn't found of her red eyes but she was the sweetest and would do the best weasel war dances, especially when we took her for walks on the leash.

On January 2nd 2015 I drove out to NJ from Long Island to visit a ferret shelter and rescue to hopefully find and adopt my first pair of ferrets. Now of course I had done plenty of research prior to my trip as it had been many years since that summer and already at home there was a double Ferret Nation cage all set up nice cozy with an old sheet, a Tshirt, a few shaky balls, plushies including Lambchop, ceramic food bowls, lock on water bowls and the fitted fleece liners I stitched together to try and keep them from messing the plastic pans.

I met the nice gentleman that runs the shelter he has a perfect cool room for all the ferrets with multiple penned areas and Ferret Nation cages in the center of each. Some were secured in their cages others were free to roam their pens but all of them get a few hours to roam the entire area. He brought out a few different pairs and they all ran around jumping and playing and sniffing and of course leaving little bits of evidence behind. After a while of watching and playing and not being able to take them all home I settled on an adorably sweet pair name Foo and Fooey. He gave them a quick manicure and showed me a few hints to make it easier.

So i loaded them up in the short lived fabric pet carrier with an old Tshirt and off we went on the 2 hour journey home. They were anxious of course and just kept digging and scratching, to try and calm them down I was talking to them saying their names over and over and it was then I realized how perfect they fit, back when mom was a teacher she would always sing nursery rhymes to our younger cousins and they all grew up calling her aunt Foofoo after the little bunny foo foo song. Strange coincidence or maybe fate.


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